The Resort at Port Ludlow

Monday, December 29, 2014

Right Place, Right Time

Last week, the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission named 19 individuals as recipients for the Carnegie Medal. The medal is given throughout the United States and Canada for those who perform extreme acts of heroism. One of the recipients was an employee of the Resort at Port Ludlow, James (Jim) Kocker of Poulsbo, Washington.

The actions for which Jim is being honored took place on October 12, 2013 in Ellensburg, Washington. Jim was a motorist that witnessed Anthony S. Johnson’s four-door sedan go down an embankment after he suffered a medical issue. The vehicle entered a pond where it began to submerge in six-foot-deep murky water, roughly 50 feet from the bank. Kocker swam to the vehicle, but was unable to open the doors, the driver was unconscious. Therefore, Kocker returned to shore, grabbed tool, and met up with a state trooper who had responded to the scene. The two returned to the sinking vehicle and broke out the rear-window. The vehicle quickly sank to its roof. Kocker went to the driver side door, opened it and freed Johnson of his safety belt. With the help of the trooper, Kocker swam the victim to shore. Although, Johnson required hospitalization, he survived the accident and made a recovery.

Acts of bravery and selflessness are performed everyday - they are what give us hope for the future and perspective about the present. Often the acts go unnoticed to the masses, but they are no less important or impactful than the ones which are justifiably rewarded

We are honored to have Jim a part of the Port Ludlow team, he's a reminder of what is good around us. Congratulations, Jim!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas on the Water

Have you done the Christmas Ship, yet?

The Holidays are here and whether you are in full Holiday swagger and skipping to work signing Deck the Halls, or if your …well…just not there yet – the Christmas Ship cruise is a great activity to enjoy. I took my family on last Wednesday's cruise from Poulsbo. We sailed the surrounding waterways which were lined with festively decorated homes and enthusiastic carolers. I must admit – it was a Wednesday night in what felt like a week that had lasted forever; the weather was downright terrible; my two young daughters were a bit sleepy and my other-half  had just completed a 2.5 hour commute home. Nevertheless, we quickly changed into dresses and a nice sweater (not necessary by any means, but suggested attire by my eight-year old) and headed for the dock. 

The ship was beautifully lined with Christmas lights and garland and you could hear the holiday music hum as you walked towards it. Once aboard, we were greeted by a few "elves", a warm boat, an unassuming caroler choir, and Christmas sweaters aplenty. Then it started to happen...we all started to feel just a bit jollier. As the fear of being stuck on a boat for 2 hours with constant festiveness started to leave my being, we settled onto one of the comfortable benches which lined the vessel. We all sat, talked and laughed about being there and it wasn't long before my girls were off looking at the gift shop for some sort of holiday fun item. It was amazing how the holiday mood just started to sink in – and no, it wasn't due to the glass of wine that I was enjoying - but it was due to my surroundings. Santa was there talking with the kids, young ones were dancing, and people were merry – everyone was happy. Not a typical sight with all the hustle that often surrounds the holidays.

So, whether I'm ready for it or not, the Holidays are here and this was two hours that was given to me to celebrate and enjoy them. Every year we do holiday things – gingerbread houses, cookies, looking at lights, shopping, and singing– but this 2 hour cruise felt like one of the best holiday things I've done in a very long time. It left me feeling full and grateful.

Upon departing, with a new Christmas ornament in hand and two giggling girls, I was so happy. Since then, I've settled in for the Holiday Season for what it is…a time to be with those you love and be thankful for the small things that bring us so much joy.

Port Ludlow – the Glacier Spirit is leaving the dock on Tuesday, December 16th at 5:45, get your tickets here:  or search other Argosy Christmas Cruises at

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

French Toast - The Perfect Winter Breakfast

It's Sunday morning and you stir awake around the weekly alarm time, then doze back off with thoughts of spending the day in comfy clothes, doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Whether it's watching football, attending church service, playing with your little ones, meal planning for the week, visiting with friends, or reading a book, it's all done at your own pace - That's a perfect Sunday. 

For us foodies, these kind of days scream for GREAT FOOD! A freshly brewed cup of coffee enjoyed in a favorite mug as opposed to a travel mug on the go feels like a gift. Pair it with a delightful and slightly fancy Sunday is off to an amazing start. Enjoy your weekend!

Fireside French Toast 
Chef Dan

2 slices Challah bread
Egg batter
1 each Banana
2 each Strawberry 1/4
2 Tbls Brown sugar
3 Tbls Brandy
2 Tbls Butter
2 oz. Cream
Powdered sugar
1 oz. Toasted Oregon Hazelnuts

1 oz. Crème Fraîche

Dip challah bread into egg batter and sauté in a pre-warmed pan.

Add Butter and brown sugar in a sauté pan over medium high heat until brown sugar is dissolved.

Add sliced banana and strawberries, flame with brandy, add cream and reduce until caramel in color.

Slice finished French toast diagonally, top with caramelized banana and strawberries, crème fraîche, toasted hazelnuts, and powdered sugar. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tide Course, 2nd Hole

If you've ever wondered where the most scenic and challenging golf holes are in Washington, Oregon or Idaho - wonder no more. Spectacular Golf of Pacific Northwest has printed a beautiful book that is full of unique and picturesque courses from around the region. We're honored to be on the list with the 2nd hole on Tide Course. Take a look and get inspired to Golf...