The Resort at Port Ludlow

Friday, April 18, 2014

aMaurice Winemaker Dinner

     What an incredible event this was! We were thrilled to host aMaurice to The Resort for a fun-filled evening of wine and food. Six courses PERFECTLY paired with a delicious wine--what more could we ask for?

The tables were set with beautiful poems at every seat 

I miss the smell of your Viognier I long for a taste of your Toby I was caught with your Chardonnay on my lips I dream about your Syrah/Grenache I crave your Malbec I have been seduced By your Night Owl Love, Anne

The Menu:

Amuse Bouche
Country Natural Beef Tartar
Paned Amore Crostini, Mustard Vinaigrette
2008 Toby

DharmaRidge Yukon Gold Potato and
Nuskes Apple-wood Smoked Bacon
2009 Malbec

Wild White Shrimp Stuffed with Northwest Dungeness Crab
2009 Chardonnay

Kobe Beef NewYork
Vert d Madagascar, House Demi, Oregon Bleu Cheese
2009 Night Owl

SpringRain Greens with Sherry Vinaigrette
2011 Viognier

Theos Chocolate Souffle with Tart Fruit Coulis
2008 Syrah-Grenache

The event couldn't have been possible without our excellent team, pictured below

     We were proud to host such a great room full of people who genuinely enjoyed excellent wine, food and conversation and we can't wait to do it again! If you're feeling like you missed out there is still a chance to join us at our NEWLY announced winemaker dinner with Januik Winery on June 29th at 6pm! 
Tickets can be found online at

     Keep you eyes peeled for upcoming contest posts and you too could join us for FREE at our next event. 

Below is the photo of our winners from this event with their Doritos and Bottle of Wine: 
"Rosé surprisingly pairs well with Cool Ranch Doritos. 
Does wine always have to be with a fancy meal?." 
     We had to surprise them with a takeaway of their favorites!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


       We're thrilled to be hosting the wonderful knitters for their #StrungAlong event here at The Resort. If you're not familiar with the event we encourage you to attend the community marketplace featured in the flyer above! This group does a great job of "yarn-bombing" The Inn each time and we can't wait to see the creative pieces that they come up with this year. 
       Be sure to follow their adventure by searching #StrungAlong on Twitter! And feel free to stop by early enough to enjoy happy hour at The Fireside from 4pm-6pm. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Different Perspective

This scenario doesn't happen very often but when it does I always think it’s the worst possible timing. I believe we've all been there.

I’m running late, I can’t find my keys, coffee is out of the question and by the time I’m finally on my way to work and making up some lost time I get this text, “The hood canal bridge is currently closed.”
Now I’m in a panic and annoyed at the fact that today I will just HAVE to be late.

But then I see a flock of people exit their cars, spouses hold banners welcoming home their submariners and the coast guard is the first vessel I spot. It’s on this occasion that I remember that while I may be late, our heroes and their loved ones are serving our country and THIS is worth stopping for.

It’s a matter of perspective because more so than not I’m really just waiting for a personal vessel to pass through—but to think that the text message that I received this morning could be a welcomed sigh of relief from the family of a returning sailor is enough to make me stop and think.

Our coast guard boats are the protectors of this fleet of service and they carry the responsibility of bringing the submarines in and out of The Puget Sound. The view (when lucky enough to be in line close to the bridge) is simply stunning.

I've caught myself wondering what it would be like to be on one of those boats as I watch them part the way for the oncoming subs.

This weekend is my chance and I am truly looking forward for the opportunity to meet with a few of the members that serve aboard these vessels as we welcome two Coast Guard boats to our Marina.  On Saturday, April 12th from 11:30am-2:00pm I encourage you to join us for a tour of a 63’ and 33’ foot Coast Guard vessel and the opportunity to talk to the crews in charge of each.

Here’s to hoping that the next time I’m stuck in traffic on my way to work I pause to think, “This is worth it.” And I hope to see you this weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Win Your Way In!

Want to attend this event for FREE? Simply comment below with your response to this question:

What is your favorite type of wine, and what food does it pair best with? 

Winner to be randomly selected Thursday at 10am PST. Winner will receive 2 tickets to this event (winner announced on social media pages), and must be able to attend this Friday at 6pm (no substitutions).

Monday, March 31, 2014

For Sale By Owner Boat Show

SAVE THE DATE!  The Port Ludlow Marina will host its 6th annual For Sale by Owner (FSBO) boat show, on Saturday April 12th from 9am to 4pm.  The event will feature privately owned boats both in the water and on trailers for individual boat buyers to view and explore. A Flea Market and Marine Swap will also held under in conjunction with the FSBO sale under the covered pavilion at the Marina.

The Port Ludlow Marina is currently looking for boat owners to showcase their boats at this FSBO event and participants should come to the show prepared to stay with their boats during the day to answer visitor’s questions. Although the “FSBO” show is not open to brokers; individual owners whose boats are listed with brokers are welcome to show their own boats. 

If you would like to show your vessel in the water or on a trailer, the fee is $20.00 for boats/dinghies/kayaks 20’ or smaller and $25.00 for boats over 20’.  Additionally, for individuals interested in participating in the Marine Swap, there is a $15.00 fee to reserve a 10 X 10 booth along with a picnic table to hold your belongings for sale. If you would like to show your vessel in the water or on a trailer, the fee is $20.00 for boats/dinghies/kayaks 20’ or smaller and $25.00 for boats over 20’. 

Admittance to the show is free to the public and there will be hot dogs and other goodies available for sale from 11am – 2pm.  For more information regarding the event or to register your vessel or a booth, contact the Port Ludlow Marina at 1-800-308-7991.  

Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 28, 2014

All Things LUDLOW

What’s in a name? Ours dates all the way back to 1841. Charles Wilkes entered our waters on a United States Exploring expedition and named our piece of paradise “Port Ludlow.” Our name is a nod to Augustus C. Ludlow, a war of 1812 naval hero and a friend of Mr. Wilkes. Fast forward almost 200 years later to see the name “Ludlow” appear in all sorts of different ways. We’re flattered really to share our name with these companies and wanted to share them with you.

The Ludlow Shop-  a men’s suit collection by J. Crew. This trendy and affordable men’s suit collection features the “Ludlow traveler Suit,” which promises to stay wrinkle free in and out of your suitcase.(

Ludlow Co. – This Seattle based furniture, art and jewelry store focuses on unique treasures and antiques. (

Dinner on Ludlow- Classic comfort food restaurant located on the Lower East Side in New York City. Promising to keep “it” simple, this restaurants Executive Chef is none other than John Keller – previous Chopped contestant on Bravo TV.  (

Ludlow Wines- This family-owned and operated store is located in Cincinnati Ohio and allows its customers the ability to sip and savor wines and craft beers at its popular Friday and Saturday tastings. (

Who do you share your name with?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Agra-CULTURE: A Farmer’s Perspective

Finnriver Farm Chickens
In addition to providing the resort with fresh eggs for its guests, Keith and Crystie Kisler, owners of Chimacum’s Finnriver Farm, share Chef Dan’s commitment to restoring vitality to the rural local community through farm/restaurant partnerships. Below, Crystie offers a farmer’s perspective.

Farming is an act of food-growing and community-growing. Although many of the farmers I know are soulful, quiet folks who would prefer to spend their time in the fields with hands in the dirt than be out handshaking at a party with heap of people, still they know that agriculture (from agra for ‘land’) requires CULTURE to thrive. In our rural community here in Jefferson County, a wonderful sense of common purpose has developed among food growers and food preparers and purveyors. The ‘eat local’ movement has inspired conversation and collaboration that is successfully connecting our farms to restaurants and allowing folks at their tables to taste what is growing fresh in our fields.

Gathering Eggs
Chef Dan from the Fireside Restaurant at Port Ludlow Resort, for example, has been at Finnriver, our 33 acre organic farm and artisan cidery, many times now. His positive experiences on this land led him to make a commitment to purchase our organically grown, pasture-raised eggs for his kitchen. Making this commitment was not simple, although it may seem logical for a restaurant to source its food from a nearby farm. But in fact over the last fifty years or more, the modern food system has been moving away from local sourcing at a commercial scale and has instead looked for the cheapest source. The industrialization of agriculture has led to a system of food distribution that does not prioritize how or where food is produced, but simply how much it costs—the bottom line has turned eating into an economic act rather than an intimate one.

Chef Dan’s choice to purchase eggs locally from Finnriver requires him to pay a significantly higher price than he could get for commercially produced eggs from afar. But he knows who raises these chickens and, well, he knows the chickens themselves! He can speak to his restaurant customers with confidence and care about the fresh, local eggs and share with them the many benefits to both human and community health that come with eating those glorious, golden yokes.

Life on the Farm
Even though the agriculture system has been commercialized and de-personalized in many parts of the world, the good news is that many communities are turning this around by working together to nurture relationships between farmers and chefs. Through organizations like local farmers markets, Slow Food, the Chef’s collaborative movement, Cascade Harvest Coalition and the Olympic Culinary Loop, our local ag network is becoming stronger and more vital.

Recently a group of Resort at Port Ludlow chefs and managers came out to our farm to discuss ways we could work together. It was an honor to welcome them onto this land and to envision ways for us to grow together, celebrating life on the land and restoring vitality to a rural farm community.

Photo credit to: Tomo Saito